APEAR 2013 Conference Registration
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APEAR 2013 Conference Registration Form

In Tokyo, Japan

1. Registration

Step 1 : Fill out Registration Form and press the “Confirm” button.
Step 2 : Press the “Send” button if the correct contents are filled. After pressing “Send” confirm button, registration page is refreshed. However, please do not register again.

2. Pay

Step 1 : Access the “Payment Modes“.
Step 2 :
Choose “Paypal” press the applicable “add to cart” button. After adding to cart, Paypal menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Please click paypal icon and proceed to make a payment.

● Fee Covers, participation for all conference, symposium and presentation, lunch boxes (for May 30 and 31) and coffee and snack at conference.

● Japan Culture Gathering Casual Dinner on May 30  and Gala Reception (Dress Code: Smart Casual Attire) on May 31  are optional and participation  fee are USD37.5 and USD62.5 respectively.

- The committee will select one(1)  person for money back prize from a early enroller group.  Early enrollment due is March 31 2013.


1. Registration

Last Name  Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Prof
First Name

APEAR member

Organization / Company
Office telephone no
Email Address
Email Address(confirm)
Mobile no


2. Pay

Conference Participation Fee 

All the program participation for APEAR Members:  USD 225

All the program participation for Non-members:  USD 250

May 30th only participation:  USD120

May 31 only participation:  USD120

June 1st only participation:  USD60


Chance to Win! : Early Bird gets a chance to attends for free!

・Out of those who register by January 31, one person will win free participation fee.

(Refund will be done on the day of the conference.)


Optional Gathering

・May 30 Welcome Dinner – Registration for May 30 Welcome Dinner is now closed.

・May 31 Gala Dinner Attendance(Dress Code: Smart Casual Attire)     Yes /  No  USD 62.5  per person


Payment Modes:


Select one:

APEAR 2013 Conference Registration(Non-Member):USD 250

APEAR 2013 Conference Registration(AREAR-Member):USD 225

Only May 30th Registration:USD 120

Only May 31th Registration:USD 120

Only June 1st Registration:USD 60


May 30 Welcome Dinner Attendance :USD 37.5

May 31 Gala Dinner Attendance:USD 62.5

APEAR 2013 Planning Office

Email: eapatokyo@eapjapan.com